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My lesson for packing a backpack bag

The challenging part when you don't even know what to bring actually.

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Me and my friend was chatting about backpack traveling, which we dream of since long time ago. But, there are a lot of detail we’ve been discuss during the period. Where is our destination? How much is our budget? How long is the duration? What shall we bring? Which type of transport are we using? These is so challenging!

In the end, we planned:
1. Just travel where ever we can for 5 days
2. Limited our budget at $200 per person
3. Just use walking and travel by bus or train only
4. Just bring whatever we have or need

And, finally we got a chance to make our dream come true. We both take a 5 days’ vocation leave and ready to set off.


For the started, we need to prepare all the backpack equipment items. Therefore, we check what usually backpacker needs when travel. Oh my god! We need a lot of things, especially those item that can fold will be preferred. If we are going to use our money to buy those equipment, that will be very costly. LOLs! Just a backpack with full equip items will cost about $250++, as we haven’t start our trip, we have no budget to start our travel.
So, give up buying those items and instead bring whatever we need from home. I realize that for backpacker, there are two different part of items as we will be carrying. 1st is a small bag or wrist bag that contain your wallet, handphone etc. 2nd is the backpack bag that contain all your travel belonging.


Here are the items that I think it will help me. 1 pair of slippers, 2 metal water bottle, 1 sport shoe which I will wear it all the way. LOLs. 4 t-shirts, 4 short-pants, 4 underwear, 4 pair of socks, 1 first-aid kit, 1 sewing kit, 1 touch with battery, 2 handphone travel charger, 1 handphone cable charger, 1 cap. Well, I think all these item is good for me to travel. Although, this is my first time using backpack travel. So, whatever I mention here is my lesson of learning. You can share with me your backpack experience in my blog thanks.

I will write my 5 days backpack journey article in my next blog, so stay tune with me.

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